Wedding FAQs


When should i book a wedding officiate?

A marriage can last a lifetime, but most weddings are planned over a long period of time.  On average the planning begins roughly 6 months to a year in advance.   It is best to secure your wedding officiate as soon as you have selected your venue for the big day.  Or you can begin the selection process once you have settled on a date.

What if I don't want a big wedding?

So you want to begin your new lives together without all the "big-to-do", I can easily work with you to create an elegant and beautiful ceremony, even last minute. Just get your marriage license, I will officiate your union.

We have been living together for years and just want to make it legal. can you help?

Absolutely!  I  have been known to officiate a marriage over dinner without any ceremony at all.  All you need before hand is the wedding license and at least 72 hour waiting period and I can be there for you.

How do we get a marriage license?

You will need to contact the local County Clerks office.  Texas marriage licenses are valid in any counties  around Houston regardless of the issuing county.  

For additional information on obtaining a marriage licence in Harris County, click here.

are you willing to marry same sex couples?

Of course!  Love is not defined or restricted by gender so neither do I.

We're active in alternative lifestyles and want an unconventional ceremony. Would that be an issue?

All lifestyles are welcomed.  I have performed several "non-mainstream" ceremonies.  Where there is love, I will happily and legally bind your union.  There are more choices than just vanilla so bring on the sprinkles.

Additional FAQs


What types of payments do you accept?

Payments can be made in the form of cash, money order, check (Zelle), PayPal, or Venmo.

Our previously scheduled officiant cancelled at the last minute!!!! help!!!!

If I have an opening then it is all yours.  For any last minute requests to officiate, please do not wait for an email response.  Pick up the phone and call me to confirm any short notice availability.  

We have a blended family. Can the children participate in our ceremony?

Absolutely they can.  Together we can create a ceremony that will make them feel as special as you do for your wedding.   I can add in an additional section for the children or even ex spouses to offer their commitment and support in the marriage and the new blended family, 

Our wedding will be held at home and we have dogs. Is that ok?

I am a HUGE animal lover and have 4 dogs myself.  Pets are our extended family.  But don't worry they are not included in your guest count for pricing.